Gaming Rules! – Podcast 32 

Episode 32 of the Gaming Rules! podcast, featuring the usual stuff and an interview with Richard Denning. One of the people behind the UK Games Expo.

Gaming Rules! – Podcast 31 

Episode 31 of the Gaming Rules! podcast featuring Jon from JonGetsGames as co-host and special guest!

Gaming Rules! – Podcast 30 

Episode 30 of the Gaming Rules! podcast featuring Joel and Tom from Devon Dice as the co-host and special guests!

Gaming Rules! – Podcast 29 

A super long episode with co-host Brandon Kempf and special guest Vital Lacerda.

Gaming Rules! – Podcast 28 

Another bumper episode this time where I am joined by Efka from NoPunIncluded as a co-host for my “What Paul has played section”, and special guests Ignacy Trzewiczek talks Portal Games 2016 Plus – not one but two competitions to win free stuff!

Gaming Rules! – Podcast 27 

A bumper episode this time with all the usual stuff and a special guest – Geoff Engelstein. Plus, the winner of the competition!

Gaming Rules! – Podcast 26 

Happy New Year. Let’s kick things off for 2016 with a recap of games I’ve played and a competition!

Gaming Rules! – Podcast 25 

Special extended edition because I’ve played a lot of games, and I talk to Heavy Cardboard peeps!

Gaming Rules! – Podcast 24 

BGGCON and Runemeet Special with various peoples opinions on TIME Stories – Spoiler Free!

Gaming Rules! – Podcast 23 

Pre BGGCON special, what I’ve been playing and an interview with Travis D. Hill